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Welcome to the Fearless Transformation Center

About Us

The Fearless Transformation Center (FTC) was created to help an individual correct the insufficiencies in their life. FTC has taken this mandate seriously and offered mentorship, training schools, workshops and seminars designed to activate all into their God-given gifts, vocation, and destiny. The center offers basic academic schools and Life training classes but has added many new and relevant courses and training programs to its curriculum.

There are schools, conferences, workshops, and numerous other means available to train, equip, and mature every individual. With so many choices and activities, it can be challenging to attend all or any of the classes and events taking place at Fearless Transformation Center. Accordingly, we are offering a flexible and comprehensive plan that will allow people to participate in the areas of their interest at the level their time and vocation will allow.


Letter From The Founder/President

Dr. Zolisha Ware

Welcome to Fearless Transformation Center. Where we are guided by a clear vision: to uniquely empower individuals to realize their full potential.

I am proud and humbled to have the opportunity to service the Bloomington-Normal IL community. With the enthusiastic support of the Board, we plan to grow and develop lasting relationships throughout the community that will help us to improve individual lives by teaching, training, guiding, connecting and launching all who attend our unique center for building whole life success.

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